About Bharath Pinneboiena

Bharath Pinneboiena
Bharath Pinneboiena author of Gyan Bharat works as a student, pursuing B.Tech will hold an Engineering degree in Computer Science near future. 

Bharath is really passion-ted towards blogging and started a blog Gyan Bharat.....quote a Job } Edu, where it educates specially students about opportunities to step forward.

About Gyan Bharat

Gyan Bharat was launched in 2014, can be considered as a top Education and Jobs blog of India on the Internet out of an estimated total of 10+ million blogs. The purpose of the blog site is to help you take maximum advantage of the opportunities offered in various sectors, for instance students looking out for Admissions, Exam Results, Current Affairs, GK every thing related to education and Jobs sector. To educate people online with a high standard Stands.

Gyan Bharat averages more than 30,000 page views per month and increasing gradually in number, Gyan Bharat team really working hard for the best quality on each and every article that we publish.

Gyan Bharat stepping forward with a huge trust in people encouraging us and with a lightening speed in no time we put our maximum effort to make it wider.

You can find Gyan Bharat on various social websites, Facebook Twitter Google+ Follow us for updates.